RLOALUARNAD is a collaboration by Roland Reemaa and Laura Linsi focusing on ordinarities
and exceptions, everydayness and its deviations. Download CV here.

Based in London–Tallinn
LTD–OÜ LLRR, Reg 14120245, EEP003735
Kohtu 2–4, Tallinn, Estonia

«Weak Monument» reopenes and looks back to Venice in Estonia.
     21.02.19. Gallery of Estonian Academy of Arts EST, Tallinn
Invited participation to the exhibition «Alternative Histories» organised by Drawing Matter and Veldwerk
     01.02.19. The Architecture Foundation, UK, London
«A room of one’s own: Feminist questions about architecture»
     25.01.19. Invited exhibition contribution presented at Estonian Architecture Museum, EST, Tallinn
«A Frame in the Landscape or Possibilities for a Permanent Structure»
     12.01.19. Essay published in Estonian Architectural Review, Maja #95, EST, Tallinn
«Futures That Never Happened»
     27.08.18. Exhibition at the Estonian National Museum Heimtali branch, open to public, EST, Heimtali
«Weak Monument» Estonian pavilion at the XVI Venice Architecture Biennale
     25.05.18. Opens at Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, ITA, Venice
Linsi residency program at London Summer Intensive
     18.08.17. Hosted by Slade School of Art and Camden Arts Centre, GBR, London
Reemaa visiting teacher at TU Delft, studio In Chicago
     2015-2017. Department of Architecture, chair of Complex Projects, USA/NLD, Chicago/Delft
Reemaa guest critic at The Berlage Final Presentations.
     26.01.17. TU Delft, NLD, Delft
«Curated Hermit» essay by Reemaa published in «Cartha - On Relations in Architecture.»
     20.10.16. Published by Park Books, CHE, Zürich
«The Place I Know, I Study as a Stranger» essay by Linsi .
     20.09.16. Published in Estonian Architecture Review Maja, Maja #87-88, EST, Tallinn
«Inside Interiority» essay by Reemaa.
     20.06.16. Published in Estonian Architecture and Review magazine «Ehituskunst», EST, Tallinn
«Composite Countryside» essay by Linsi published in the «Baltic Atlas».
     28.05.16. Published by Sternberg Press, DEU, Berlin
Installation «Composite Countryside» featured in the XV Venice Architecture Biennale, Baltic Pavilion.
     27.05.16. ITA, Venice